Karatbars Review: Karatbars What Is It?

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Karatbars review

So First….

Karatbars Review: What Is Karatbars?

On review of Karatbars International it is a company that provides financial services that specialize in distributing gold bullion in smaller, more affordable weights.

So finally the little guys can get in and purchase GOLD bullion. So if you ever wanted to purchase high grade currency gold and thought you couldn’t compete with all the high prices you can finally get in the gold investing game by accumulating grams of gold every month.

The Karatbars corporate office is located in Stuttgart Germany and they also have offices around the world including Europe, Belize, Asia, and Thailand.  Karatbars is a fairly new company being founded in 2011, it has been doing business in Europe for over 2 years and opening in the US market in early 2011.

Members reviews show that Karatbars services are second to none, with quality service and customer support.

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 Karatbars Review:  What Gold Do They Sell?

What you may not know is that there are actually 2 different classes of Gold on the market.  There include:

1. Commodity Grade gold which is bought and PRICED in ounces…
(which is the ‘spot’ price usually referred to)

2. Currency Grade gold which is bought and PRICED in grams…

Currency grade gold is in fact different and priced different.
Most people can’t afford commodity grade gold ….current prices are around $1200 for an ounce of gold…Check out the live Gold price here

Karatbars review

Grams of Gold on the other hand are more affordable and everything in gold revolves around VALUE….this type of gold is more valuable since it can be bought and used by the masses.

In fact the Central banks all store the currency type

In fact the currency gold is only made by 3 refineries in the world. Karatbars gold bullion are certified in 3 ways for your protection with a hologram, a serial number and a LBMA (London bullion Market Association) certified stamp of approval.  The currency grade Katabars are also certified listed on the “London Good Delivery List”.  Thus Karatbars gold bullion are 999.9 in purity.

Karatbars review

karatbars gold guarantee value stability and serve as a means of financial security …they can also be used as a method of payment and means of exchange.

Karatbars Company Is It Legit?

This is an important question which I did research as there are certainly many scams online.

Firstly, the owner of the Karatbars company is Harald Seiz.  Harald has been in the financial services business for over 16 years.  Harold had noted that Germany had seen 3 currency crises in the last 100 years and was deeply moved about providing an alternative to protect people from its effects in the future.

I encourage if you are skeptical to google  Harald Seiz and you will be impressed.

When looking at the company itself, Karatbars is a debt free company and fully funded which is great news.  They own everything from the building they are in to the cars that they drive.

Karatbars are open in 75 countries worldwide and currently ship

Karatbars Review: How Is The Gold I Purchase Safe?

Karatbars Review

People obviously want to know that when they purchase their gold that it is safe and secure. Karatbars International offers its customers several storage options including free secure storage at the company in Frankfurt Germany  or charged options by storing your Gold in Switzerland or Singapore with a direct contract with the Swiss or Singapore company.

When you want your gold delivered they are packaged under video surveillance at the Karatbars International office and shipped via FedEx daily.

Karatbars Review:  Business Opportunity

The interesting and perhaps the exciting thing about Karatbars International is that not only does it allow individuals control their gold purchases in affordable smaller weights it also provides a lucrative affiliate program that allows anyone to earn a good income stream by showing others how to start their own Gold Savings Account.

They also provide incentives for those who build their gold business and help others..

The great thing is that even if you are not a big business builder you can still qualify for any of their incentives as your business grows over time so everyone can reach them….

Some of the incentives include

    •     Gold i-Phone
    •     Trip to Dubai
    •     Mega round the world cruise
    •     Rolex watches
    •     Luxury cars such as BMW’s… Mercedes… Ferrari’s
    •     A luxury villa built for you anywhere in the world!

Karatbars Review: How To Join

Karatbars accounts are free to open and free of monthly fees.  If you would like to participate in earning a income stream packages are however recommended…these gold packages range from low hundreds to a few thousand depending on the level of commissions you want to get paid and the amount of gold you wish to purchase.

I am part of a Karatbars team that provides step by step training and a 12 week plan to give you a business plan strategy to have you saving gold and generating a generous income stream in the Karatbars affiliate program.

Karatbars Review: How To Be Successful

As mentioned above our team does provide some special training and support to ensure individuals who decide to join this program are successful in earning income, accumulating GOLD and helping others do the same.

The KEY to succeeding in any business is to have a system in place that works..

If you decide to invest in Gold and support others with us I will  give you access to [Only for team members]

1. Leaders waiting to answer any questions and help YOU get a fast start! in our team skype room which is open 24/7 JUST to help, encourage and share information…

2. A Solid 12 week Step by Step plan to take you from NOTHING to making at LEAST $4400 per week… and then beyond… ALL you have to do is plug into the system!

3. A sales page where the selling is done for you… ALL you need to do is point people to that page along with your referral link…

4. A step by step “how to sign up and get started” site for ALL your new prospects and for THEM to use also!

5. A team training site where you learn all you need to build a solid business and a sound financial future.

6. A campaign code and autoresponder messages for your follow up …done for you….

7. In short, you get a complete sales funnel….. all you need to do is point people to it and let the system do its magic!

8. Daily LIVE webinars available for you and any of your prospects

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